Greg's first blog musings

26 May 2018

Well, here I go. This is my first blog post anywhere. I think that I have to look at this as something like a very short article, similar to what I write for Full Circle Magazine on a (mostly) monthly basis, just with less structure and can be on anything. Well, my articles for FCM can be on pretty much anything, but I usually keep them somewhat focused on Python. Mostly.

Getting set up on GitHub has been an interesting experience. I have set up web pages before (a long time ago) and even then I had somewhat of a goal and plan in mind. This time, I have broken all my long learned rules and just jumped into the process, ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ as it were.

I have to admit that I’ve use GitHub simply as someone who visits, downloads projects and (to my own shame) only occasionally participated. It always looked rather complicated and for the last many years, my projects have been my own, designed as a way to teach others to program in Python. Now that I’m biting the bullet and jumping into the GitHub world ‘with all four feet’ I still find the process more than a little bit daunting.

Before, I would search the Internet for a free web template and use that to make my page. It was a rather easy process, especially when I used a WYSIWYG editor to do all the heavy lifting. That is (from what I can find at this point) NOT what is really possible for what I’m doing. I may be missing something, but I don’t think so.

Therefore, I plan to keep some sort of a log and document the process in order to help those who come behind me.

If you visit my page, you may find that the look and feel changes more than a few times as I play and tweak and find new things/ways to do things. I apologize in advance for any confusion that this might cause. Just mark it all down to my A.D.D. and let it go at that. ;o}

Hopefully, most of my future blog entries will be something useful to Python programmers and my readers from FCM. That’s my hope, but as we all know, things don’t always go as we want.

Anyway, that’s the first post. I thought that I had settled on a visual theme for the page using Jekyll, but this morning I found one that I think might look nicer and do more. I might try it out over the Memorial Day weekend and see what happens.