27 May 2018

I’ve got it working and it’s just Sunday afternoon.

It took a while to understand the needs of the _config.yml file that is actually used as opposed to the sample provided by the repository. The big things are the BaseURL and the URL settings. In my case anyway, they are both left blank.

Another confusion for me was the file structure of the repository. There seem to be redundant files in the root and the _site folder that get duplicated from one to the other. That’s ok, just somewhat crazy in the way I look at it.

I was able to get the DNS settings with GoDaddy set and the CNAME file set correctly as well so that users only have to use instead of . It’s not a big deal, but it makes the site look more like a “real” site.

I have more to do, like fixing the font so that bold and italic markings in the pages actually look the way (I think) they should. But that’s work for another day.

I also need to try to understand the sidebar a bit better as well so things don’t get duplicated, but once again, work for another day.

My biggest challenges are:

  • Setting up a table like page listing all my articles for FCM with links for the code.
  • Setting up a page for the book status
  • Setting up a page for the last few articles for FCM
  • Setting up a page to contain the book reviews that I’ve done for FCM

Nothing big, right?