Even Longer Overdue Update (yet again)

24 April 2023

It’s been almost a full year since my last update, and I REALLY am sorry for the lack of attention that I’ve given the website. As I usually say, “Life has a tendency to get in the way” and that’s SO true in my world.

So, what has been happening all this time?

Well, first, my adult son and I moved from the apartment we were living into a very nice house a few miles away. That was about 10 months ago and we still have (what seems like) about 100 boxes still living in the garage that haven’t been touched yet.

I’m still writing for Full Circle Magazine. Issue 192 is due out today, which means I should have done the book review and How-To-Python article for submission for FCM #193. Guess what…I haven’t done either of those yet. Looks like that’s what I’m going to be doing this weekend.

I’m still trying to complete my latest book “Learning PAGE” . The good news is that I’ve submitted all the chapters to the publisher and am working on (I hope) the last document for them. I asked them yesterday what the estimated date of publication was and I was rewarded with “at this time, it looks like the last week in May”! YES!

My physical issues are still with me and seem to be getting a little bit worse. However, most days I can push through the pain and get done some of what I have to do. It’s difficult to do some of the daily tasks like cooking dinner, vacuuming and washing clothes, but I still can do them, but very slowly. Other tasks like mowing the lawn and unpacking boxes are a bit more problematical. I can usually get the lawn done within a few days of when it needs it, but as I said earlier the boxes just aren’t getting done.

So that’s the update. I hope I will be able to update more often.

Until we type again, Enjoy life, be safe and keep coding!