Update On My Book

19 May 2023

Update on my book

I’ve been promising for a VERY long time that my latest book is coming out. Well, the publisher just shared the cover art with me, so I wanted to update you. Here it is…

My New Book Cover

I’m expecting the book will be available before June 16, 2023 and hopefully closer to June 1, 2023, but that is out of my hands. When it comes out, it will be available from the BPB website (https://bpbonline.com/) and on Amazon. At this point, the paperbook version will probably cost between $29.95-$34.95 USD and the E-Book between $10-$14 USD. There will be a bundle of both the paperback and the E-Book.

Anyway, I’m off to write some more stuff on MicroPython and Tkinter.

Until then, please stay safe, healthy, positive and creative!