HAPPY New Year!!!

31 December 2023

Hello again, fellow Beings!

Happy New Year.

2024 is upon us, not sneaking up behind us, but coming like a locomotive. The time that’s left for 2023 is quickly ending and I must say, I will be happy to see the back of it. Not that 2023 has been all that bad, but it could have been much better and with a bit of luck and grace from the “Cosmic Muffin”, 2024 will be much better for all of us.

Just like 2024, PAGE 8.0 is also coming upon us like a locomotive. I’m not exactly positive of the actual date, but it is close my friends. And when it comes, I’m certain that you will very happy. So many great changes will bring a much better and useful PAGE.

I’ve been busy working with Don on all the changes to PAGE and using PAGE to create many tools for myself, to keep me more productive and entertained. I keep coming up with more tools and utilities, some I will be sharing and some I will be keeping for myself. PAGE I have taken a position an online Python tutor for Findtutors.co.uk even though I live in the United States. I’m excited about this and hope that I will be able to help even more Programmers. I’ll keep you advised.

Enough for now. Once PAGE 8.0 hits, I’ll be posting some tutorials and code with you.

So here’s to 2024!

Until then, be safe and continue to be creative!!!!!!!!!!!!