PAGE 8.0 Released!

02 January 2024

Greetings Fellow Beings!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Page 8.0 is now a reality. Don released it early yesterday afternoon (January 1).

This is a BIG upgrade for PAGE. There are many things that are new, like support for Tcl Themes, Styles all in the designer so you can what the them might be doing to your GUI, especially as you use the **Theme Chooser ** to see what your design will look like in the various themes. After all, PAGE comes with 12 different themes, not counting the themes that come with your OS.

The one “dark cloud” with the release, if you are running Microsoft Windows, you should know that both Windows 10 and Windows 11 defender has decided that the page-8.0.exe has a virus in it.

That having been said, there IS NOT a virus in the exe and this is a false positive. This has happened before with Windows, so hopefully they will get their “stuff” together and stop keeping our good users from downloading the WIndows executable.

I have placed a somewhat clumsy workaround for the problem. You can it out at .

Again, this is a WINDOWS problem and NOT the page executable.

I’m trying to come up with a few quick tutorials on using PAGE 8.0 that will go along with the document that I wrote called “Using PAGE 8.x_0.18.pdf” which can be found in the PAGE distribution folder / docs folder.

Until later, be safe and stay creative!